Company Info

Business Intelligence Technologies’ explicit mission is to bring advanced, user-friendly, spreadsheet-based tools to market. Using these tools, business-intelligent staff can direct their companies forward toward business success.

Recognizing the need to maintain the Excel spreadsheet—the familiar productivity tool of CFOs, business analysts, and report-writers—as the front end to Business Intelligence data, the staff at Business Intelligence Technologies created the company’s premiere product, Business Intelligence for Excel—BIXL, a product that truly will transform your spreadsheet into the ultimate BI tool.

In particular, BIXL is the vision of the company’s founder, Duane E. Presti. Mr. Presti began his career at Bristol Myers-Squibb. He rose to a position where he was responsible for the worldwide development of financial management information systems. In this position, he developed and implemented one of the first OLAP systems for financial planning that used multidimensional, multi-user spreadsheet software as its core.

In 1987, Presti founded an OLAP consulting company that would proceed to develop enterprise OLAP systems for such multinational corporations as Aetna Casualty Insurance; Berliner Handels und Frankfurter Bank; Household Finance Corporation; Novo Nordisk AjS; Mead-Johnson Nutritional Group; Occidental Chemical Corporation; Readers Digest Corporation; Reuters News; Royal Bank Scotland and Uniroyal Chemical Company.

Presti’s company—which created solutions from a suite of OLAP products—became the largest distributor of multidimensional, multi-user spreadsheet tools, and grew to include offices in Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. His contacts and experiences in the OLAP and Business Intelligence markets were invaluable as he conceived and architected several OLAP products. BIXL is the fulfillment of this experience and knowledge.